It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do one of Articulate’s e-Learning Challenges. I had a small amount of time between projects so I thought I’d use the opportunity to sharpen my skills. This week’s challenge was “What Should E-Learning Designers Know About the ADDIE Model?”

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with sliders so I used the challenge to refresh my skills using sliders paired with a trick I learned using animations in states. Clearly, this simple interactive slide doesn’t even begin to address all that e-Learning designers should know about the ADDIE model. It’s funny how a 5-letter acronym is used to describe such a detailed process. Perhaps that is why so many have dismissed it as it doesn’t really illustrate the tremendous work that goes into instructional design, especially e-Learning. At any rate, as someone who has been an instructional designer for many years now, ADDIE does provide a good foundation for a newbie unsure of where to begin. But, in the end, all instructional designers eventually find their own groove and settle into their own process for design.

Functionality Used: Sliders, Animated States

Concept: Create a clean and simple interaction using a slider and animated states to display an overview of ADDIE principles


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