With Articulate’s November 2016 release of its new suite of products, Articulate 360, came a newer version of Storyline. The new version, Storyline 360, introduces dial functionality. Dials are pre-built into Storyline 360. You can also convert any object, graphic, or image to a custom dial. Dials are similar to sliders, but instead of moving along a straight path, dials move in an arc or a circular path.

Articulate recently challenged its e-Learning community to submit examples of how dials can be used in e-Learning. I wanted to focus on working with the dial functionality, so I grabbed a few graphics from Freepik.com to save time and put my concept into motion (pun, intended). My 4-year-old son has recently become confused about the time since the ending of Daylight Savings Time. The sun rises early and it’s dark by 6:00pm. I thought he’d enjoy turning the dial on a clock to see how the position of the sun changes in the sky.

Functionality Used: Dials

Concept: Illustrate how the position of the sun relates to the time of day