In 2014, the Florida Department of Health – Division of Medical Quality Assurance began upgrading their licensure application processing and regulation system. I was hired to develop eLearning courses as well as conduct face-to-face training for their 500+ employees, including a call center. Prior to development, I performed a thorough task analysis for every position classification required to use the software. Using the information gathered from my analysis, I focused eLearning development on critical tasks performed by the employees and how they would need to use the system to accomplish those tasks.

I developed this eLearning course using Adobe Captivate (v8) using a “view-it and do-it” approach. Learners were able to view demonstrations of software functions and were then given an opportunity to perform the functions themselves using a relevant scenario. The course was piloted to a small group of users and revised based on their feedback. The course includes branching to allow for a learner-centric experience. It also includes interactive practice exercises and a post-test in which users are required to complete various tasks as if they were using the software.

Functionality Used: Demo, Assessment, and Training Recording, Branching

Concept: Create an eLearning module using software simulation


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