Ignite Learning was sparked by a desire to share my enthusiasm for learning with others. I enjoy all types of learning: formal and informal. Yes, I was always the girl in class everyone else wished would stop raising her hand to ask a question. So naturally, I became an educator and received my Master’s in Instructional Systems and Performance Improvement.

Today, I am passionate about helping organizations develop learning solutions that spark the same desire for learning that I have. Who says online learning has to be boring? If I can’t sit through it, I don’t expect my audience to sit through it. As an instructional designer and eLearning developer, I create fun and engaging learning products.

But, wait! There’s more to learning than learning products! A learning product is not always the appropriate solution for organizational issues. Maybe we need to learn more about the root cause of an issue or learn more about a process. My knowledge of performance improvement has enabled me to lead initiatives resulting in significant cost savings to organizations.  I’ve also served on many software implementation teams providing consultation regarding end-user experience and interface design.

I encourage you to look around my site and contact me when you’re ready to ignite learning in your organization.

~Amanda Allen