This week’s Articulate e-Learning challenge is to share a collection of reaction gifs for any e-learning topic. Although gifs can be a single image, we most often see them used for short animations. Interestingly, there’s been quite a debate over the pronunciation of “gif.” Is it gif like the peanut butter “Jif” or is it gif as in gift? I think it’s funny people argue over such silly things. So, let’s get our focus back to the task at hand: the challenge.

Since I missed last week’s challenge, Show Us How You Create Online Courses #82, I’ve decided to collect gifs depicting my reactions throughout my instructional design process.

1. How I feel when I take on a new project.

(I always question my capabilities before starting a new project. I guess it’s the ISDer equivalent to stage fright.)

2. How I feel developing learning objectives.

(If I can’t use learn…)

3. How I feel when I meet with SMEs.

(Yes, yes. What you do is astonishing.)

4. How I feel writing a storyboard.

(Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!)

5. How I feel waiting for my storyboard to be approved.

(Well it certainly feels like 7 years.)

6. How I feel when development starts.

(No clue what I’m going to do.)

7. How I feel when I find my creative inspiration.

(I got it! I got it!)

8. How I feel developing.

(Do not disturb me. I’m creating.)

9. How I feel after implementation.


10. How I feel waiting for evaluations to come in.

(Wait for it…wait for it…)

All GIFs provided by Giphy.